At Perfect, we’re focused on 2 key areas. First, we want to see every business build apps that proactively empathize with people and make interacting with technology painless. Second, we aim to inspire product owners and the teams they lead by empowering them to do their work with excellence. We do this by providing the highly-skilled personnel, advice, strategy, and support they need to build better products, ahead of schedule and on budget.


We began in West Palm Beach in 2004, and built a reputation for handcrafted custom skeuomorphic icons for apps. As we grew, our work expanded from icon design to user interface design to crafting the entire product from concept to the customer. Today our team partners with our clients to identify hidden opportunities and make the future a reality.

Our Values

We hold true to our vision and challenge what is considered normal.

We value simplicity over complexity

We are bothered by things that don’t work and solve the right problems.

We let the message drive the design.

We deliver sound works of art.

We hold high the practice of honesty and integrity and embody this in all we do.

It’s all about the Kingdom. In all we do we give 10% of our profit to kingdom focused initiatives. 


The Team


Together, lets craft a great experience