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The Challenge

A Quickly Growing Startup.

Lou La Vie is a rental car company, but they aren’t just any rental car company. Walk into their showroom in Miami, walls hung with works of pop art, and you will see a collection of exotic sports cars gleaming beneath the spotlights: Porsches, Jaguars, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis. And everyone one of these dream machines is available to rent.

As a rental company, Lou La Vie already had a killer car collection. What they did not have was a killer website. They had tried developing a couple of different versions of their site with companies that just didn’t get their unique style and vision. The result? Partially developed sites that barely functioned. Frustrated, they turned to Perfect

Every time we’ve had a project like this I’ve gone to Perfect because you guys have just gotten our vision.
— John Temerian, Lou La Vie

The Approach

Visioning & Planning

The first thing that we did was to sit down with Lou La Vie and learn exactly who they were and what they were looking for. Over many cups of coffee, notes scribbled on napkins, and whiteboard sessions, we hashed out the basics of what they were after: a website that prominently showcased Lou La Vie’s exotic cars and their gorgeous photography, where the user was only ever a couple of clicks away from making a car rental reservation. Lou La Vie needed a site that was functional and professional, but it also needed to exude the lifestyle cool of their brand.

Technology Platforms and Scalability

Of course, Lou La Vie wants to grow their business and plan for the future. We built the site on a highly customized WordPress back-end so that they could quickly and easily add new vehicles and so that the site could scale to new cities when they were ready to expand. The custom forms on the site also integrate with SalesForce so that they can manage sales and customer relations.

Wireframing & Visual Design

We imagined three distinct customer personas that might visit Lou La Vie’s site: a wealthy weekender who knows what they want, a budget-conscious sightseer, and a personal assistant arranging a car for someone else. We designed the site so that it would appeal to all three. We also knew that Lou La Vie’s web traffic was split 50/50 between desktop and mobile, so our designers accepted the unique challenge of developing the site for both platforms simultaneously using the power and flexibility of CSS.

In order to highlight the cars we kept the design elements mostly black-and-white, yet still very sophisticated, with splashes of color taken from the bodies of the cars themselves.

Unlike other exotic car rental companies, Lou La Vie actually owns their own cars. We made sure to highlight that by allowing visitors to the site to virtually explore their exotic car showroom with a 360 degree Google StreetView.

During the visioning process we also dreamed up a brand new feature that we felt complimented the experience Lou La Vie wanted for their users: a calculator that allowed the user to see, based on a specified budget, which cars they could rent, and for how many days.

Ongoing Concept Testing & Validation

John Temerian, CEO and founder of Lou La Vie, reports that users find the website a breeze to use. “People love it. They absolutely love our website. Everyone that sees it is just blown away by it.”

Perfect delivered a website that was sleek, beautiful, yet powerful and functional – just like the cars at Lou La Vie.

Mike Gonzalez

West Palm Beach, FL

Mike Gonzalez - Visionary, Technologist, User Experience Designer. In 2004, at the age of 16, Mike founded Perfect, a Digital Product Design firm, stating “I don’t want to build a company that sells billable hours, I want to build a company that adds value.” Perfect empowers product teams to validate market opportunities, strategize, build and launch products that help companies reach their goals. He is a council member and startup ambassador for Palm Beach Technology Association and a trusted advisor to many startups, and SMBs.

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