We worked closely with the garage team at Rubicon Project to rapidly prototype future products.

We had a chance to sit down with Rubicon's Innovation Team, and ask them first-hand what their experience was like working with Perfect. 

What Problem did perfect help you solve?

Perfect helped us put together high-fidelity mockups for our project concepts and make them into interactive, clickable prototypes with HTML/CSS. The prototypes helped us present richer project concepts to our innovation group. This gave us clarity on whether we should shelf a project or continued to move forward. Investing the time to have Perfect design and code the prototype was the logical thing for us to do to rapidly build and launch our concepts.

This gave us clarity on whether we shelved it or continued to move forward.
— SVP of Engineering, Rubicon

What was it like working with the team at Perfect?

It was straight forward. I understand the process of working with a design firm, so that made it a lot easier. Overall it was an efficient relationship, and the project ran smoothly because we both knew our roles and how to get the project done. It wasn’t like we were working with a firm that only staffed junior designers, and didn’t understand the concept of wireframing, mockups, user journeys and color pallets.  It made the project more seamless by working with an experienced firm.

The actual relationship we've formed working together is similar to a high-end boutique experience.  You guys are very organized and leverage different prototyping tools like Invision. Your communication is super responsive, which is a huge benefit! You met every deadline. Perfect stands above and beyond what is out there in the industry. 

How well did Perfect solve this problem?

  1. Perfect hit the nail on the head. Perfect provided exactly what I was looking for. Which was first taking my balsamiq concepts and re-envisioning them into high-fidelity mockups.
  2. Once the mockups were approved, Perfect was able to develop an interactive prototype for me to show and shop it around with the internal team.  There are multiple contributing factors that impacts our decision on when to ship a product, and what you guys delivered was important in helping us make the decision whether to go live or not.
You guys hit the nail on the head. You walked through exactly what I was looking for.
— Duc Chau, Rubicon Project

Mike Gonzalez

West Palm Beach, FL

Mike Gonzalez - Visionary, Technologist, User Experience Designer. In 2004, at the age of 16, Mike founded Perfect, a Digital Product Design firm, stating “I don’t want to build a company that sells billable hours, I want to build a company that adds value.” Perfect empowers product teams to validate market opportunities, strategize, build and launch products that help companies reach their goals. He is a council member and startup ambassador for Palm Beach Technology Association and a trusted advisor to many startups, and SMBs.

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